Arts Programs

Digital Art:


Students in Digital Art learn about the various techniques and principles used in multimedia creation. The course is broken into three stages: beginner, intermediate, and advanced, and each stage is designed to explore new methods that aid in the creation of complex works of art.  Projects require extensive hands on experience utilizing newly acquired skills in Photoshop, iMovie, Garageband, and AfterEffects to create unique photo and video art. 


See a small sample of what our students have created at:

Performing Arts:

While other Public Schools in Chicago are cutting Art and Music funding, Noble is proud to show their continued strength in high quality electives for their students.  At Golder, in addition to Art and ROTC, students can choose between band and chorus.  While only in the beginning stages, our performing ensembles are quickly rising to the challenge of competing with other schools in the city.  In addition, Golder offers numerous other experiences where students can explore and succeed.  After school, Golder has offered performance opportunities in: Rock Band, Guitar, Piano, Gu-Zheng (Chinese Harp), Drumming, Beginning and Advanced Dance, and numerous volunteer performances.

Golder’s music department was established during the 2008-2009 school year.  In tandem with the mission of Noble Street Charter School and with the support of administrators, fellow teachers, and staff members, the music department strives everyday to reach students in a meaningful way.  The main goal of Golder is to see their students graduate from college.  But as a community, they know that seeking strong academics is only part of the story.  They strive to graduate meaningful and sincere citizens of the world.  Golder’s music department pushes student's ability daily, knowing that providing a quality music education for the students will give them great opportunities to grow beyond themselves into a realm where Passion, Appreciation, Inspiration, and Dedication are inherent qualities in their character.