Students participating in sports programs at Golder are considered student-athletes and must always remain focused on academics before athletics.  Athletes at Golder must have at least a 2.3GPA to participate in practice and games and are always encouraged by coaches to address any academic issues or concerns before athletic events. Participants in Golder athletics should reflect Noble characteristics such as leadership, honesty, and integrity. Athletes are highly visible, and it is critical that they are respectful, mature, and well behaved.

Fall Sports

Football: Coached by Mr. Josh Carpenter and Mr. John Luhrsen
Boys Soccer: Coached by Mr. Carl Elsik
Girls Volleyball: Coached by Ms. Julie Bychowski

Winter Sports

Competitive Dance: Mrs. Sarah Rogers
Boys Basketball: Coached by 
Girls Basketball: Mr. Isai Torres

Spring Sports

Girls Softball: Coached by Mr. Isai Torres and Ms. Paula Burba
Boys Baseball: Coached by Will Kaplan
Girls Soccer: Coached by Mr. Carl Elsik
Boys Rugby: Coached by Mr. John Luhrsen