Why Choose Golder

Golder College Prep is a campus of the highly successful Noble Network of Charter schools. In 2013 Golder’s junior class ranked Golder 5th out of the total 116 non-selective public high schools in the city of Chicago for their average ACT score. Also in 2013 Golder’s students experienced a 5.7-point growth from their Explore tests taken at the beginning of their freshman year to their ACT taken in the spring of their junior year.  This means that on average our students made approximately 2 points growth per year academically on EPAS compared to the CPS average of 2 to 3 points of growth over three years.  Our goal is for students to be college ready.  The greater the point gain, the closer they are to college readiness. 

In addition to receiving a rigorous college preparatory curriculum and a guiding discipline policy, GCP students are involved in a diverse range of electives, sports, and student run clubs.  Golder students elect to participate in either physical education, which alternates daily with band, choir, or digital art class. All GCP students will also take at least two years of Spanish before graduating.

GCP offers a variety of sports teams, in which any student can choose participate.  These sports include soccer, baseball, cross-country, football, and basketball, soccer, softball, poms, basketball, volleyball and rugby.

Coupled with choices in electives and sports teams, GCP students have the option to take part in unique enrichment courses before and after school each semester.  These classes have included, but are not limited to, tae kwon do, student council, black student union, national honor society, theatre and yearbook.

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