History & Campus Partnerships

Golder College Prep is a campus of the Noble Network of Charter Schools in Chicago, IL. We opened our doors on August 20, 2007 to a freshman class of 155 students. Today, we serve over 645 students in grades 9th through 12th . Golder College Prep was named for the generosity of the Joan Golder family and their commitment to high quality education. The Golder family is actively involved at GCP, often attending school-wide activities, graduation, sporting events, and student-led town hall performances. Their involvement at our campus has grown to include a dedicated scholarship fund for students that has already awarded $8,000 in scholarships to 8 Golder graduates. The Golders also continue to be an active part of Noble's future through Nancy Golder Northrip who is a member of Noble's Board of Directors.

Mrs. Joan Golder and her daughter, Nancy Northrip, have also been part of Ms. Lulla's advisory for the past four years.  They began visiting in 2008, when the students in the advisory were freshman and have been visiting once a month since.  While the Golders have been involved a variety of advisory activities, the students most enjoyed working with them on community service projects.   Mrs. Golder helped edit books that the students were making for Books of Hope, an organization that sends books to displaced children in Uganda.  Ms. Northrip and her husband helped run Water for Change, an 3 mile walk the advisory organized to raise awareness about the world water crisis.  During their high school career, the 17 girls of the advisory have developed a great connection with Mrs. Golder and Ms. Northrip, who they viewed as part of the advisory.  The students always looked forward to the their visits and loved sharing all their success at GCP.  On June 10th, 2012 Mrs. Golder and Ms. Northrip were excited to watch their advisory graduate after all matriculating into a four year university. 

Golder offers a rigorous college preparatory curriculum, a strict discipline policy, and a supportive small-school environment.  Our mascot is the panther and our school colors are purple and silver.  We offer numerous enrichment classes after school including: taekwondo, piano, rock band, newspaper, and modern dance.  Our elective classes currently offered are PE or Marine Corps ROTC, Digital Arts or Music – Band or Chorus. The foreign language taught at Golder is Spanish.